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Project ECHO On the Frontlines with the Sudanese American Medical Association 

Sudanese medical providers quickly learn critical war-time skills to save lives

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Transforming HIV Care in Native Communities 

Indian Health Service providers leverage the ECHO Model, improving HIV treatment options in the Southwest.


Educators Boost Literacy Knowledge through ECHO Education Program

In a new video, see how Project ECHO is applying the groundbreaking ECHO Model to New Mexico’s literacy crisis.

Maternal Child Health

Building Bridges: New Co-Director of Perinatal Health

“I joined the ECHO team because I wanted to break down barriers and provide insight on how things work – in all kinds of perinatal care. Transformation on this is possible. What Project ECHO does is one aspect of support for bringing multiple perspectives to perinatal education.”

Hepatitis C

20 Years of “The ECHO Ripple Effect”

An interview with Project ECHO’s founding program team The success of Project ECHO’s first program, the Hepatitis C ECHO in New Mexico, is a powerful example of how the ECHO Model saves lives and exponentially increases equity by linking specialist […]

Gender Equity

Introducing Simran Priel, Director of Gender Equity

While equity is built inherently into Project ECHO’s model, now, we have a renewed emphasis on bolstering women and girls’ health and well-being.

Health Care

Improving Access to Timely Care in New Mexico

“We have a huge problem with distance and delays in care,” says Daniel Mays, MD, primary care physician at GIMC. “Some people don’t get access to the health care they need just because of where they live.”

Hepatitis C

Looking Forward: Dr. Arora on World Hepatitis Day

Nearly two decades ago, Sanjeev Arora, MD, started Project ECHO with a simple mission: he wanted New Mexicans, who lived in rural areas, to have access to the best-possible treatment for hepatitis C. And it worked.


A Message from Dr. Arora on Gratitude and Growth

Reducing inequities around the globe has always been core to our mission. Guided by that philosophy, we’ve had lasting impact in many areas.


Using ECHO, Providers Tackle Diabetes Crisis in Rural New Mexico

For family nurse practitioner Flavio Salazar, providing care to patients in his hometown of Las Vegas, New Mexico, is personal. And for his patients, that means getting life-saving diabetes care in their own community.

Emergency Preparedness

Project ECHO Provides Mental-Health Lifeline to First Responders

First responders provide crucial support to people during their most vulnerable moments. But it takes a lot out of them.


Project ECHO Founder Accepts Brock Prize for Education Innovation

Dr. Sanjeev Arora, founder and director of Project ECHO, was recognized for his transformative ideas that have shaped the future of health care education.


Project ECHO Launches Education Partnership to Benefit New Mexico’s Youngest Residents

Project ECHO’s impact on New Mexico children’s education is expanding through a new partnership with the New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Department, through the ECHO for Education Program.

Mental Health

Project ECHO Connects Care Providers With Children in Need

Project ECHO’s Safe Care New Mexico program is working to make sure children who have experienced sexual and physical abuse are not falling through the cracks.

Health Care

How ECHO is Changing the Outcome for New Mexicans in the Prison System

The aim of the program is to teach prisoners how to stay healthy and to provide information on key health issues, such as substance use and navigating the prison health system.

Substance Use

Project ECHO Provides New Mexican Clinicians Expertise, Tools to Combat the Opioid Crisis

As a family physician in Española, New Mexico, Leslie Hayes treats a lot of health conditions. Unlike most family physicians, she also treats patients addicted to opioids.


Project ECHO Gives New Mexico’s Diabetes Patients Hope

ECHO providers synchronize diabetes care, mental health resources and social support in one place, showing patients multiple strategies to treat diabetes and giving them hope for the future.