About the ECHO Model

Inspired by the way clinicians learn from medical rounds during residencies, the ECHO Model® has evolved into a learning framework that applies across disciplines for sustainable and profound change.

All Teach, All Learn

Infographic depicting specialist (hub) at center surrounded by ECHO participants and then community members.

We call it “all teach, all learn.” 

ECHO participants engage in a virtual community with their peers where they share support, guidance and feedback. As a result, our collective understanding of how to disseminate and implement best practices across diverse disciplines continuously improves and expands.

 Our Model

During an ECHO session, participants present real (anonymized) cases to the specialists—and each other—for discussion and recommendations.

Participants learn from one another, as knowledge is tested and refined through a local lens.

This continuous loop of learning, mentoring and peer support is what makes ECHO unique, with a long-lasting impact far beyond that of an in-person training, webinar or e-learning course.

Our knowledge-sharing model brings together specialists from multiple focus areas for a robust, holistic approach.


 Supported by Peer-Reviewed Research

A growing body of research consistently demonstrates the efficacy and sustainability of the ECHO telementoring Model across disciplines, including health care and education.

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