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Educators Boost Literacy Knowledge through ECHO Education Program

In a new video, see how Project ECHO is applying the groundbreaking ECHO Model to New Mexico’s literacy crisis.

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Health Care

Defining a Calling: The Magic of ECHO Autism

Recipient of the 2023 David Meyers Service Award, Dr. Kristin Sohl speaks to a decade of work with ECHO Autism.

Gender Equity

MetaECHO 2023: How the ECHO Model Changes the World for Women and Girls 

“For 20 years, ECHO’s work has been about ‘leveling the playing field’ and creating access to professional development opportunities. But our initiative is new in the way we are now making a focused effort because addressing gender equity is at the root of many issues, whether that’s poverty, poor health outcomes, access to education, and others.” 

Health Care

Case Report: Nurses in India, a Lever for Change

The Nursing Vertical establishes a country-wide network of mentor and mentee relationships to transform ongoing education, improve retention of the current workforce, and connect local need to global experts.

Maternal Child Health

Building Bridges: New Co-Director of Perinatal Health

“I joined the ECHO team because I wanted to break down barriers and provide insight on how things work – in all kinds of perinatal care. Transformation on this is possible. What Project ECHO does is one aspect of support for bringing multiple perspectives to perinatal education.”

Health Care

The Capstone to a Career: Jeanne Ryer

At the 2023 MetaECHO conference, Jeanne Ryer, founder of the ECHO Hub at the University of New Hampshire, shared how the ECHO Model helps create lifechanging solutions for gender inequity, loneliness and provider burnout. Dr. Jeanne Ryer, director of the New […]


Reaching Further, Faster with Critical Tuberculosis Treatment in India

Treating tuberculosis in any country presents challenges: the highly infectious disease takes on many forms — pulmonary, renal, even ocular — that make it difficult to diagnose, especially in children. Any interruption to the months-long treatment course often results in […]

Hepatitis C

Journey of PARSA ECHO: A New Documentary Explores How the ECHO Model Increases Physician Capacity in Pakistan

The nine-minute documentary demonstrates the power of the ECHO Model to transform stressed health care systems in Pakistan, which has the world’s highest hepatitis C prevalence. At the beginning of the documentary, we see a man walking slowly past market […]

Health Care

Report: Identifying and Filling Health Care Gaps in the Global South

In 2003, the ECHO Model was created to help solve a specific problem: how to expand knowledge about treatment of hepatitis C and access to care across the vast state of New Mexico. Using widely available videoconferencing technology and a […]

Hepatitis C

20 Years of “The ECHO Ripple Effect”

An interview with Project ECHO’s founding program team The success of Project ECHO’s first program, the Hepatitis C ECHO in New Mexico, is a powerful example of how the ECHO Model saves lives and exponentially increases equity by linking specialist […]


Before It’s Too Late: Tuberculosis Treatment Access for Women and Children

In partnership with India’s Ministry of Health, ECHO India intends to change equitable tuberculosis care for all.

Emergency Preparedness

The ECHO Network in Africa Mitigates a Crisis

By applying the ECHO Model, a crisis was mitigated. “This was the platform that gave the right information to health care workers.”

Gender Equity

Introducing Simran Priel, Director of Gender Equity

While equity is built inherently into Project ECHO’s model, now, we have a renewed emphasis on bolstering women and girls’ health and well-being.

Hepatitis C

Research Update: JAMA Study Finds Project ECHO Reduces Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment

New research has found that Project ECHO increases a patient’s chances of receiving the gold standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.


Young People in Africa Lead the Fight against HIV through Peer Mentorship

“We use ECHO’s case management process to review cases together and solve difficult problems,” says Peggy Kuchocha.


Sudan Tackles UN Sustainable Development Goals with Project ECHO

After Dr. Nada Fadul used Project ECHO to help her native country of Sudan face down the COVID-19 pandemic, she knew that ECHO’s virtual telementoring model worked.

Maternal Child Health

Ethiopian Hospitals Improve Care for Mothers and Babies with ECHO

When the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society, together with the American Academy of Pediatrics, decided to address the child mortality problem, they turned to Project ECHO.

Health Care

Improving Access to Timely Care in New Mexico

“We have a huge problem with distance and delays in care,” says Daniel Mays, MD, primary care physician at GIMC. “Some people don’t get access to the health care they need just because of where they live.”


Research Update: ECHO’s Role in Ending the HIV Epidemic

Patients whose providers attend ECHO sessions have greater viral load suppression rates, which is key to positive health outcomes. Patient access to knowledgeable practitioners is key to maintaining strong viral load suppression.