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Project ECHO On the Frontlines with the Sudanese American Medical Association 

Sudanese medical providers quickly learn critical war-time skills to save lives

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Maternal Child Health

‘Respectful Care is Life-Saving Care’: Amplifying Maternal Health Substance Use Disorder ECHOs in New Mexico

Two doctors, located 140 miles apart, use the ECHO Model to increase services for pregnant people with substance use disorder.

Health Care

“Nothing For Us or About Us, Without Us:” Self-Advocates Add Their Voices to Autism ECHO Programs

ECHO Autism communities are the first ECHO programs to regularly include people with lived experience on ECHO sessions as equal experts and teachers to other providers.

Emergency Preparedness

WHO Collaborating Center for Digital Learning in Health Emergencies

The World Health Organization and Project ECHO partnership is a transformative catalyst for equity. 

Emergency Preparedness

An Emergency Launch: Our Partnership with the U.S. Health and Human Services’ ASPR

Project ECHO continues its partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response.

Health Care

ECHO Supports Infection Control Network in Africa

Project ECHO’s multi-year partnership with ICAN bolsters infection control throughout Africa.

Maternal Child Health

‘Every Infant Matters’ for this Mother-Daughter Nonprofit Team  

With the ECHO Model’s support, Dr. Shelly Batra and Dr. Radhika Batra reach more mothers around India with high-quality health care.


Transforming HIV Care in Native Communities 

Indian Health Service providers leverage the ECHO Model, improving HIV treatment options in the Southwest.

Health Care

Defining a Calling: The Magic of ECHO Autism

Recipient of the 2023 MetaECHO David Meyers Service Award, Dr. Kristin Sohl reflects on a decade of work building ECHO Autism.


Educators Boost Literacy Knowledge through ECHO Education Program

In a new video, see how Project ECHO is applying the groundbreaking ECHO Model to New Mexico’s literacy crisis.

Gender Equity

How the ECHO Model Changes the World for Women and Girls 

A panel at the 2023 MetaECHO conference convened global experts on how and why the ECHO Model makes a difference for gender equity – and what we still need to do.  

Health Care

Case Report: Nurses in India, a Lever for Change

Nurses around the world, and particularly in India, are professionals who can make a significant impact in reducing the health care burden in rural and high-need areas. The ECHO Model brdiges gaps for the education they need.

Maternal Child Health

Building Bridges: New Co-Director of Perinatal Health

“I joined the ECHO team because I wanted to break down barriers and provide insight on how things work – in all kinds of perinatal care. Transformation on this is possible. What Project ECHO does is one aspect of support for bringing multiple perspectives to perinatal education.”

Health Care

The Capstone to a Career: Dr. Jeanne Ryer, ECHO Visionary

Dr. Jeanne Ryer, founder of the ECHO Hub at the University of New Hampshire, shares how the ECHO Model helps create lifechanging solutions for gender inequity, loneliness and provider burnout. Dr. Jeanne Ryer, director of the New Hampshire Citizens Health Initiative, […]


Reaching Further, Faster with Critical Tuberculosis Treatment in India

Treating tuberculosis in any country presents challenges: the highly infectious disease takes on many forms — pulmonary, renal, even ocular — that make it difficult to diagnose, especially in children. Any interruption to the months-long treatment course often results in […]

Hepatitis C

PARSA ECHO: A New Documentary Explores How the ECHO Model Increases Physician Capacity in Pakistan

The ECHO Model transforms stressed health systems in Pakistan, which has the world’s highest hepatitis C prevalence.

Health Care

Report: Identifying and Filling Health Care Gaps in the Global South

In 2003, the ECHO Model was created to help solve a specific problem: how to expand knowledge about treatment of hepatitis C and access to care across the vast state of New Mexico. Using widely available videoconferencing technology and a […]

Hepatitis C

20 Years of “The ECHO Ripple Effect”

Over 20 years, Project ECHO’s first hepatitis C treatment program expanded to a global network of hundreds of specialized programs.


Before It’s Too Late: Tuberculosis Treatment Access for Women and Children

In partnership with India’s Ministry of Health, ECHO India intends to change equitable tuberculosis care for all.