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Project ECHO On the Frontlines with the Sudanese American Medical Association 

Sudanese medical providers quickly learn critical war-time skills to save lives

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Health Care

ECHO Supports Infection Control Network in Africa

Project ECHO’s multi-year partnership with ICAN bolsters infection control throughout Africa.

Health Care

Report: Identifying and Filling Health Care Gaps in the Global South

In 2003, the ECHO Model was created to help solve a specific problem: how to expand knowledge about treatment of hepatitis C and access to care across the vast state of New Mexico. Using widely available videoconferencing technology and a […]

Emergency Preparedness

The ECHO Network in Africa Mitigates a Crisis

By applying the ECHO Model, a crisis was mitigated. “This was the platform that gave the right information to health care workers.”


Young People in Africa Lead the Fight against HIV through Peer Mentorship

“We use ECHO’s case management process to review cases together and solve difficult problems,” says Peggy Kuchocha.


Sudan Tackles UN Sustainable Development Goals with Project ECHO

After Dr. Nada Fadul used Project ECHO to help her native country of Sudan face down the COVID-19 pandemic, she knew that ECHO’s virtual telementoring model worked.

Maternal Child Health

Ethiopian Hospitals Improve Care for Mothers and Babies with ECHO

When the Ethiopian Pediatrics Society, together with the American Academy of Pediatrics, decided to address the child mortality problem, they turned to Project ECHO.

Health Care

Op-Ed: Establishing a New Norm for Health Care and Medical Education in Kenya

When COVID-19 hit early in 2020, many of us in Kenya were ready to respond to the new, virtual world we were entering.


Straight Shots: Bringing the COVID-19 Vaccine to Sudan’s People

“When I asked her if she was willing to be vaccinated, she got angry. That’s when I realized we needed to figure out how to bring the vaccines to the people if we were going to be successful.”

Health Care

Uganda Transforms Emergency Medical Care to Save Lives

Using the ECHO Model, experts across Africa are teaching and mentoring Uganda’s regional providers through a virtual community of practice.


Project ECHO Helps Remove ‘Roadblocks’ to Cancer Care in Kenya

The young boy from Kenya would have died from Burkitt lymphoma – a fast-growing cancer – if an ECHO team hadn’t been mentoring providers in the area.