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Project ECHO On the Frontlines with the Sudanese American Medical Association 

Sudanese medical providers quickly learn critical war-time skills to save lives

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Emergency Preparedness

WHO Collaborating Center for Digital Learning in Health Emergencies

The World Health Organization and Project ECHO partnership is a transformative catalyst for equity. 

Gender Equity

How the ECHO Model Changes the World for Women and Girls 

A panel at the 2023 MetaECHO conference convened global experts on how and why the ECHO Model makes a difference for gender equity – and what we still need to do.  

Health Care

Report: Identifying and Filling Health Care Gaps in the Global South

In 2003, the ECHO Model was created to help solve a specific problem: how to expand knowledge about treatment of hepatitis C and access to care across the vast state of New Mexico. Using widely available videoconferencing technology and a […]

Gender Equity

Introducing Simran Priel, Director of Gender Equity

While equity is built inherently into Project ECHO’s model, now, we have a renewed emphasis on bolstering women and girls’ health and well-being.

Hepatitis C

Research Update: JAMA Study Finds Project ECHO Reduces Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment

New research has found that Project ECHO increases a patient’s chances of receiving the gold standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.

Hepatitis C

Looking Forward: Dr. Arora on World Hepatitis Day

Nearly two decades ago, Sanjeev Arora, MD, started Project ECHO with a simple mission: he wanted New Mexicans, who lived in rural areas, to have access to the best-possible treatment for hepatitis C. And it worked.


A Message from Dr. Arora on Gratitude and Growth

Reducing inequities around the globe has always been core to our mission. Guided by that philosophy, we’ve had lasting impact in many areas.