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Project ECHO On the Frontlines with the Sudanese American Medical Association 

Sudanese medical providers quickly learn critical war-time skills to save lives

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Maternal Child Health

‘Every Infant Matters’ for this Mother-Daughter Nonprofit Team  

With the ECHO Model’s support, Dr. Shelly Batra and Dr. Radhika Batra reach more mothers around India with high-quality health care.

Health Care

Case Report: Nurses in India, a Lever for Change

The Nursing Vertical establishes a country-wide network of mentor and mentee relationships to transform ongoing education, improve retention of the current workforce, and connect local need to global experts.


Reaching Further, Faster with Critical Tuberculosis Treatment in India

Treating tuberculosis in any country presents challenges: the highly infectious disease takes on many forms — pulmonary, renal, even ocular — that make it difficult to diagnose, especially in children. Any interruption to the months-long treatment course often results in […]


Before It’s Too Late: Tuberculosis Treatment Access for Women and Children

In partnership with India’s Ministry of Health, ECHO India intends to change equitable tuberculosis care for all.


ECHO India Goes Viral in Response to COVID-19

When ECHO India launched its COVID-19 training series in 2020, 1,000 participant slots filled in less than five minutes. Health professionals were eager to learn about intensive care unit practices for their patients.